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Annual Report of IEEE-NUCES Lahore (July 2004-June 2005)

Report by : Mr.Nauman Saeed Anwar (Chairman, IEEE-NUCES Lahore 2004-05)
Edited by : Rafaeel Akbar Chaudhry

Short Courses (Summer ’04):

As its long-standing tradition, IEEE-NUCES organized 2 short courses for the benefits of those students, who want to gain an edge over others by utilizing their time in summer holidays. The short courses were namely, Web Development and Java Online Application Development. The first was taught by Irfan Ahmed of batch 2002, who has been the webmaster of nearly all societies at NUCES-FAST, while the later was taught by M. Hassan Khan of 99-2 batch, who has been a research assistant in LUMS.

Both the courses saw a healthy turnout of about 20 students each. Like every year, students who took the web development course, later turned into webmasters of various societies, hence IEEE-NUCES acts as a supplier of webmasters to the campus.

Membership drive Summer ‘04:

Summer is the right time to tap into the half-year memberships at NUCES campus. This year very proudly, IEEE-NUCES crossed the psychological mark of 100 student members for the first time in its 3-year history, during the summer membership drive. Around 40 new student members were inducted into the IEEE-NUCES student branch.

IEEE R 10 Student Congress 2004:

July also saw the chairman of IEEE-NUCES, Nauman Saeed Anwar, being selected for the Region 10 Student Congress in Hong Kong from July 13 to July 17. The chairman’s visit to Hong Kong saw the new opening of horizons for the IEEE student branch. After the visit, a healthy relationship between the student branches of India and Pakistan was observed, which was a joint effort of IEEE-NUCES, IEEE-LUMS and similar student branches from India.

Orientation 2004:

Orientation of IEEE-NUCES for the new batch was carried out during the first week of September. Before that, IEEE-NUCES also attracted attention on the first day of the new students by putting up a society stall. The orientation was an all out success, which was attended by more than 150 students.


The 3rd IEEE-WEEK was scheduled to be held from October 18 to 22, 2004. This years IEEE-WEEK was the largest since its inception. Around 20 universities and colleges participated in this grand event. Apart from the normal student competitions like the speed programming competition and the quiz competition, this year’s IEEE-WEEK also saw the following first timers:

a. The first ever video conferencing session was held between NUCES Lahore campus and the technical HQ of TRG in Washington DC USA.
b. A new concept of Circuit designing contest, On-Spot circuit designing competition on Pspice was launched this year, which was not only appreciated internally, but even universities in Karachi queried IEEE-NUCES about how to hold such similar event at their respective campuses.
The aim of this competition was also to provide a platform for the Telecom and Computer Engineering students, who previously had no similar place to show their skills and compete with other universities.
c. IEEE-LUMS collaborated with IEEE-NUCES and held the Business Idea Competition at LUMS campus successfully.
d. First time ever broadcast of IEEE events on World Call Lahore wide channel was also successfully carried out for this week.

Seminar on Wireless Networks:

A seminar on Wireless Networks was organized in September, which was delivered by Dr Zartash Uzmi, CS department LUMS. He covered the basic concepts, along with the research work being carried out under his leadership on wireless networks.

INMIC 2004:

After the success of IEEE-WEEK 2004, the student branch shifted all its attention to INMIC 2004 (International MultiTopic Conference 2004). NUCES campus in collaboration with IEEE-Lahore section and IEEE-NUCES arranged the largest ever INMIC since the last 7 similar conferences of this annual event.

IEEE-NUCES student branch helped the INMIC Committee on the following major issues:

a. Composing
b. Invitations
c. Call for Papers
d. Designing
e. Website
f. Reception
g. Information Booths
h. Hall Management
i. General Arrangements

More than 80 students helped the university in successful holding of this international magnitude.

Short Courses Winter ‘04:

Similar to its summer courses, winter short courses are also offered by IEEE-NUCES during the winter holidays. This year IEEE-NUCES stood out among all societies and promoted the telecom and engineering students. A special crash course for the students of basic electrical engineering was successfully taught by M. Arsalan of batch 2002, who, apart from being 2nd in his batch, is also a teaching assistant for similar courses.

A course on ASP and Object oriented environment were also held, from which around 80 students in all benefited.

Membership drive Winter ‘04:

Around 40 new student members, along with renewal of previous members was carried out during the 2 month long membership drive. This year, just like last year, the membership count is expected to cross 100 by the summers.

SOFTEC 2005:

It was the endless efforts of the SOFTEC team along with the unprecedented support of the executive body of IEEE-NUCES that 41 Indian delegates participated in this year’s International SOFTEC.

Elections 2005:

Elections for the new executive committees of IEEE-NUCES were held in April 2005. The new team can be viewed on

Similar to the local campus website of Karachi campus,, IEEE-NUCES is currently developing the basic website of for the local campus student services of Lahore campus. It is scheduled to be launched in Fall 2005, subject to approval from the administration.

Mentoring IEEE-NUCES Karachi Campus:

IEEE-NUCES Lahore campus is also serving as a mentor for IEEE-NUCES Karachi campus. With the kind leadership and help of IEEE-NUCES Lahore campus, the Karachi counterpart held their first ever seminar and workshop in late 2004.

Currently the Lahore branch is providing its help and services for the arrangements of INMIC 2005 at Karachi Campus.

Annual Dinner + Certifcate distribution ceremony INMIC ’04:

Annual dinner of IEEE-NUCES along with certificate distribution ceremony of student volunteers of INMIC 04 was carried out in April 2005. A special keynote speech on CMM levels and NETSOL were organized on this event as well. A representative of CMM gave the CMM keynote speech from Singapore, while Chief Operating Officer of NetSol, Sajjad Kirmani, did the NetSol experience. Both the events were a highly attended affair.

IEEE Confluence 05, India:

IEEE-NUCES executive committee along with 4 elite members will be visiting India at the end of June 2005. This trip will mark the first ever visit by NUCES students to India and possibly open a barrage of student exchanges between the two countries.

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