Tuesday, January 26, 2010

IEEE Lahore GOLD Sports Team

IEEE Lahore GOLD Committee has decided to re-initiate the friendly cricket matches between different IEEE Lahore entities. Thus we are planning few sports events. For the first event to take place in IEEE WEEK 2010 (http://ieeenuces.org/ieeeweek.html) at FAST-NU and LUMS, we want to form a cricket team to play a match with the Student Branches 11. We'll appreciate if GOLD Members can take out few hours from their busy schedule for this excellent networking opportunity and mentoring current students. Please sign up at the following link and email goldlhr [a] ieee [dot] org in case of any queries and feedbacks .

Thursday, June 4, 2009

125th Anniversary of IEEE : GOLD Lahore BBQ Party and Get Together

On the 125th Anniversary of IEEE, GOLD Lahore AG is planning to organize a BBQ Dinner and Get Together for the GOLD Members and Graduate Student Members. Students graduating this summer can also join us in the celebrations.

The event would be planned as per the suggestions of our valuable members. Kindly fill up the following form if you are interested to join us for this event. GOLD Lahore AG would seek Lahore Section's monetary support in organizing this event. However if we don't end up getting one or in case of partial funding, the attendees would have to self support this event. The date, time and venue would be communicated on the contact information provided.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Talk: I.T. in UK


Computer Society - Chapter

Talk: I.T. in UK


Hashim Akhtar, Avanade a sub. company of Microsoft and Accenture

Day and Date: Friday January 30, 2009

Time: 4:30p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Venue: A-1, LUMS, DHA, Lahore Cantt.

Following are the points which will be illustrating on in the lecture: -

1- How to get into the Industry for First Timers.
2- Different fields in IT.
3- The various sectors in IT.
4- Different types of work status.
5- Recruitment agencies and their role.
6- How Outsourcing does and does not work.
7- Day to day work of Developers, Contractors and Consultants.
8- Developing custom solutions.
9- Developing Products.
10- Development Platforms being used.
11- Development Technologies being used.
12- Development Methodologies being used.
13- Providing the UK with IT solutions while living in Pakistan.

Speaker Bio:

Mr. Hashim Akhtar works for Avanade which is a company formed by Microsoft and Accenture. His role in the company is that of a consultant who engages with customers and develops customized solutions. Since Microsoft being their parent company, he is champion in the delivery of solutions which are based on all Microsoft technologies.

Monday, December 29, 2008

MOM - Student branches Lahore Section - 1/12/08 - UET Lahore

Venue: University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

Date: Dec 1, 2008.


·         The meeting commenced at 6:15 pm with the recitation of the Quran by Dr. Maud

·         Dr. Zaeem began by thanking Dr. Maud and Dr. Khalid for attending and stated that the reason for such a meeting is that, the activities in the various IEEE branches are not up to the mark.

·         He mentioned that the student blog set up for IEEE members was being under utilized and requested that the various IEEE chapters report their past activities on the blog and also put up tentative calendars of future activities to help screen the activities and avoid clashes in schedules.

·         The first point raised thereafter was to chalk out a plan for showing the video presentation of IEEE in the various institutions as shown that afternoon in UET. The presentations would be given by students from FAST. They would be accompanied by Dr. Zaeem at the venues.

·         The UMT students requested for guidance regarding branch setup. The previous IEEE body formed in UMT in’95 was no longer functional and they are looking to restart it. Currently there are three IEEE student members in UMT and one IEEE member from the faculty.

·         It was decided that the presentation would be given in UMT on Wednesday, the 31st of December at 2 pm. Arrangements for multimedia, publicity of the event and lunch would be made by UMT itself.

·         Posters that could be used for publicity were brought by the FAST team and distributed for viewing. It was also proposed that UMT could follow UET in putting up hand made posters.

·         GCU Lahore also requested that a presentation be given there. The day was tentatively selected to be Saturday, the 3rd of January in the 12 pm to 3 pm time slot.

·         It was proposed that another presentation be given in UET during break hours. The presentation was provided to the IEEE-UET office and it was decided that Dr. Khalid, the branch councilor would make the arrangements.

·         Dr. Zaeem said that such a presentation should also be given in LUMS and he was currently in discussion with Dr. Abidi about when to arrange it. Since the LUMS students will be giving their exams shortly the presentation there would probably be arranged in January.

·         He said that since the existing IEEE members from LUMS were inactive those who miss the presentation will be dropped.

·         Dr. Zaeem then asked for comments regarding the presentation.

·         A request was made by UET that the presentations be lengthier.

·         Dr. Zaeem instructed the UET office to give a copy of the presentation to Dr. Maud in soft form so that he may pass it on to UMT.

·         Dr. Zaeem requested Dr. Maud and Dr. Khalid for ideas and proposals for further activities.

·         Dr. Maud stressed that the IEEE was a professional organization and extra curricular activity solely for recreation that played no part in training be avoided.

·         Dr. Khalid stated that the purpose of IEEE was to keep us in touch with the various research streams and develop specific skill sets. He said that his short term goals for the IEEE here were to organize a project competition, arrange presentations of FYPs, organize discussion forums and give more responsibility to the students in the executive body. He also suggested that the next meeting be held in a room equipped with an audio system.

·         Dr. Zaeem seconded Dr. Maud but said that for some recreational relief students could arrange for field trips to industries and suggested that these may be organized as joint trips for various organizations to increase inter campus interaction. The idea of joint trips was stated unfeasible by Dr. Maud.

·         UMT suggested that topic specific conferences be organized.

·         Dr. Zaeem instructed them to report all activities to IEEE to get more funding. All activities are to reported as a tentative plan before the start of the year. The IEEE blog contains all plans and the FAST students were instructed to guide GCU-LHR and UMT in getting access rights.

·         It was suggested that the method for getting membership and registration be streamlined for all chapters.

·         GCU-LHR was instructed to follow IEEE by-laws in selecting executive body members.

·         GCU-LHR was also instructed to make a schedule of activities and mail it to Mr. Ishtiaq the office secretary at LUMS at the following e-mail id: ishtiaq@lums.edu.pk. It was also observed that GCU-LHR needed to generate funds through the organizing of activities.

·         A request was made by a member of the Electronic Club (EC) at UET that IEEE co-sponsor their annual project competition however this request was rejected on the grounds that the EC did not come under the banner of IEEE however if the EC submit plans for future activities in advance to Mr. Ishtiaq, the IEEE could look into it.

·         It was decided that the next meeting would be held in UMT on the 31st of December at 6 pm.

·         The meeting concluded at 7:22 pm

MOM - Student Branches Lahore Section - 1/11/08 - NUCES Lahore

Minutes - Meeting of IEEE-Student Chapters
Date - Saturday, 1st November 2008
Time - From 4.30 p.m. till 6.30 p.m.

Venue - National University of Emerging & Computer Sciences

Chaired by - Dr. Zaeem Jaffri

Minutes Prepared by Secretary IEEE-NUCES - Shigrif Khan

Members Present:

Dr.Zaeem Jaffri - (Student Activities Cahir)

National University of Emerging & Computer Sciences Lahore

Atta Ullah Khan - Chair Person
Abdul Wasay Mughal - Vice Chair Person
Sehrish Raja - Vice Chair Person
Shigrif Khan - Secretary
Mansoor Ahmed - Secretary

Rafaeel Akbar Chaudhry- Mentor of IEEE-NUCES (Gold member IEEE)

Government College University Lahore

Ms. Syeda Synnia Tanveer
Ms. Asma Niaz
Mr. Ali Turab
Mr. Syed Shafaat Hussain
Ms. Maryam Azeem

University Of Engineering Technology Lahore

Mr. Wasif
Mr. Sajid
Mr. Salman
Mr. Muneeb

Government College University Faisalabad

Mr. Saad Zafar
Mr. Arsalan


• GINI – introduction
• Improving co-ordination and networking
• Helping young branches
• Helping Inactive branches
• Increasing student memberships through incentives


• Dr. Zaeem Jaffri said student activities are not reported which lead to lack of funding of IEEE-Lahore Section
• Appreciated activities of NUCES Lahore and GCU Faisalabad
• Idea of bloging was floated. There must be official blogs where IEEE Student Branches could post pictures and discuss all activities
• Idea to use website of Lahore Section was also floated. Lahore Section could allocate place for IEEE-Student Chapters to upload things
• Brief introduction of GINI
• How to attract junior batches to join IEEE. It’s a common problem almost every Student Chapter facing. According to GCU Lahore it is due to lack of exposure. Some solutions to
this problem
􀂾 Tell about the benefits of IEEE
􀂾 It’s all about networking between all members of IEEE
􀂾 Links
􀂾 Learning activities
􀂾 It is not restricted to only IEEE but it also expands your social circle and help in all phases of life
• Every branch should develop contacts with other branches
• Decided to arrange presentation for GCU Lahore and UET Lahore
• Tentative dates 22nd Non to 30th Nov at GCU Lahore and 1st Dec at UET Lahore
• It is made clear that IEEE funding is for activities but for membership
• WIE-NUCES gave brief introduction of there activities like all girls trip last time educational trip was arranged to Bio-Chemical Department of Punjab University
• Website of Lahore Section is not updated since year 2001. Dr. Zaeem Jaffri will talk about this issue with Dr. Umar Saif
• All members join the group ieeestudents @lhr
• Next meeting time decided
􀂾 Venue UET Lahore
􀂾 Date Monday 1st December 2008
􀂾 Time 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Problems to organize an event

• Sponsor Problem
• Administration of UET Lahore have issues
• IEEE-GCU Lahore’s team is not elected it depends on CGPA
• Less numbers of members

Bringing together the Student Branches

Nearly two months ago, IEEE-NUCES Lahore came up with another initiative. The idea was to bring together all the student branches of Lahore Section and breathe a new life into student activities here. Over the previous year’s IEEE-NUCES has been the most active student branch. Now IEEE-GCUF has taken up that mantle but our commitment to helping the student’s remains firm. We got our inspiration from the GINI project of which our Chairperson, Mr. Ata Ullah Khan is the Lahore Section coordinator.

The first meeting was held in NUCES Lahore on the 1st of November, 2008. It was a huge success with participation and enthusiasm greater than expected. Under the calm guidance of Dr. Zaeem Jaffri (Student Activities Chair of Lahore Section) we have been able to revive some old branches and mobilize some stagnant branches. The 2nd meeting in this regard was held on 1st December, 2008 in UET Lahore. This was another milestone achieved in our effort because this marked the revival of IEEE-UET which had disappeared into oblivion after its glory days of the early 90’s when it was the largest branch in the whole of Asia and the 7th largest branch in the world. We hope that IEEE-UET will be able to scale similar heights again in the near future.

The meeting was preceded by an IEEE orientation in UET that was given by me. The presentation was well received by around 30 to 40 people. I was later told that they were all interested in joining IEEE and my presentation was meant as the final push. The general opinion was that I was able to get my point across convincingly enough.  This presentation is part of a sequence of presentations that we hope to give across different student branches of Lahore Section to raise awareness about IEEE and its benefits. The next presentation was supposed to be held at UMT on the 31st of December, 2008. It has been postponed due to some unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, at the moment, the next presentation will be in GCU Lahore on 3rd January 2009.

However, the next meeting of Lahore Section student branches will go on as planned at UMT on the 31st of December, 2008. The meetings in themselves have been lively events where students and branch exe members have come forward with their problems and we have tried to put our heads together and come up with solutions. During all this the guidance of Dr. Zaeem Jaffri has been invaluable. He has gently pushed us in the right directions. Unfortunately, the meetings have so far been unable to inspire the kind of activity that we were hoping for. That is not to say that there has been no activity at all. The branches have been mobilized and the IEEE orientation presentations I talked about earlier have been arranged nearly everywhere.

My hope is that by bringing together all the branches of IEEE Lahore Section we can help each other out in organizing bigger and better events for all the IEEE members of Lahore Section. IEEE-NUCES is very proud of its history and we hope to remain one of the leading IEEE student branches of Lahore section. The minutes of the two meeting I mentioned will be posted separately on this blog.

Dr. Zaeem has been encouraging us to post our activity reports as well as detailed plans on the blog. So far this request has been ignored by everyone including me. I hope to rectify this very soon with details of the IEEE-WEEK that is planned from the 4th of February to the 7th of February 2009. I will be looking forward to active participation of all the branches of Lahore Section to make this event a huge success.


Abdul Wasay Mughal

Vice Chairperson, IEEE-NUCES Lahore


Sunday, November 23, 2008

IEEE CIIT Lahore Quiz Competition on C/C++

IEEE CIIT Lahore will be conducting a quiz competition on the concepts of C / C++ on 4th December, 2008.

Download Registration Form (PDF Format) (DOC Format)

Distributed Video Coding Tutorial by Mr. Shahid Ayub arranged by IEEE-CIIT Lahore on Nov. 13, 2008