Monday, December 29, 2008

MOM - Student Branches Lahore Section - 1/11/08 - NUCES Lahore

Minutes - Meeting of IEEE-Student Chapters
Date - Saturday, 1st November 2008
Time - From 4.30 p.m. till 6.30 p.m.

Venue - National University of Emerging & Computer Sciences

Chaired by - Dr. Zaeem Jaffri

Minutes Prepared by Secretary IEEE-NUCES - Shigrif Khan

Members Present:

Dr.Zaeem Jaffri - (Student Activities Cahir)

National University of Emerging & Computer Sciences Lahore

Atta Ullah Khan - Chair Person
Abdul Wasay Mughal - Vice Chair Person
Sehrish Raja - Vice Chair Person
Shigrif Khan - Secretary
Mansoor Ahmed - Secretary

Rafaeel Akbar Chaudhry- Mentor of IEEE-NUCES (Gold member IEEE)

Government College University Lahore

Ms. Syeda Synnia Tanveer
Ms. Asma Niaz
Mr. Ali Turab
Mr. Syed Shafaat Hussain
Ms. Maryam Azeem

University Of Engineering Technology Lahore

Mr. Wasif
Mr. Sajid
Mr. Salman
Mr. Muneeb

Government College University Faisalabad

Mr. Saad Zafar
Mr. Arsalan


• GINI – introduction
• Improving co-ordination and networking
• Helping young branches
• Helping Inactive branches
• Increasing student memberships through incentives


• Dr. Zaeem Jaffri said student activities are not reported which lead to lack of funding of IEEE-Lahore Section
• Appreciated activities of NUCES Lahore and GCU Faisalabad
• Idea of bloging was floated. There must be official blogs where IEEE Student Branches could post pictures and discuss all activities
• Idea to use website of Lahore Section was also floated. Lahore Section could allocate place for IEEE-Student Chapters to upload things
• Brief introduction of GINI
• How to attract junior batches to join IEEE. It’s a common problem almost every Student Chapter facing. According to GCU Lahore it is due to lack of exposure. Some solutions to
this problem
􀂾 Tell about the benefits of IEEE
􀂾 It’s all about networking between all members of IEEE
􀂾 Links
􀂾 Learning activities
􀂾 It is not restricted to only IEEE but it also expands your social circle and help in all phases of life
• Every branch should develop contacts with other branches
• Decided to arrange presentation for GCU Lahore and UET Lahore
• Tentative dates 22nd Non to 30th Nov at GCU Lahore and 1st Dec at UET Lahore
• It is made clear that IEEE funding is for activities but for membership
• WIE-NUCES gave brief introduction of there activities like all girls trip last time educational trip was arranged to Bio-Chemical Department of Punjab University
• Website of Lahore Section is not updated since year 2001. Dr. Zaeem Jaffri will talk about this issue with Dr. Umar Saif
• All members join the group ieeestudents @lhr
• Next meeting time decided
􀂾 Venue UET Lahore
􀂾 Date Monday 1st December 2008
􀂾 Time 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Problems to organize an event

• Sponsor Problem
• Administration of UET Lahore have issues
• IEEE-GCU Lahore’s team is not elected it depends on CGPA
• Less numbers of members

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